is an innovation agency that creates transformational new products, services, brands and businesses

If you have nothing to say, you have nothing to sell

Form meets function

A good piece of communication has to do more than just look good, it has to convince the buyer to willingly take money out of their pocket and then tell everyone about the positive experience, again and again.

The future of tradition

From traditional radio, TVC, and billboards through to cutting edge Marketing Automation, SEO, SEM, CRO and social and digital strategies, we’ve mastered it all, as the future is now.

Innovation is the driving force of progress

Innovation from within

We help you create innovations and implement them within your organisation. We create innovators, who solve and define problems to create perfect solutions.

Innovation processes

MIE Lab can take your team through in-depth innovation processes to help create value for your business and customers.

Design thinking workshop
and masterclasses

Design thinking is an innovation process used globally by leading organisations to solve problems and drive creative thinking, in order to achieve breakthrough success.

We walk the walk

We got on a plane to sell an idea into Sony, if that’s what it takes to bring you success, we’ll do the same for you.

Entrepreneurship Program

The Shark Tank eSchool program is a road map with signposts and guiding information to help the creative thinker, the innovator, the inventor to become the entrepreneur. When we dream, imagine and rationalise in our heads and summon the passion that we have in our hearts, anything is possible.

For start-ups

If you have an idea for a business or start-up, we will take you from idea to market, and even get you some funding along the way. We offer prototyping from apps through to engineering and everything in-between. And when it comes to pitching it, we’ll help you nail that too.

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